Some Possible Reasons of Your Slow Computer

Your computer has recently become slow? From this you get nervous? A slow computer is very common, especially for older computers. This can be very annoying if you urgently need to accomplish something on your computer. By the way, there are many reasons to slow down the computer, I am telling some important things among them. You can follow some tips to eliminate the cause of slow work if you have a question in mind like What are the possible causes of slowing down of the computer?.

Some Possible Reasons of Your Slow Computer

First, you need to determine exactly when your computer starts to slow down. You may experience problems connecting to the internet at certain times during the day. Sometimes, downloading sites can take a long time, if at the same time many people are using the same channel is the Internet. You can call the technical support of your service provider to find out the reason why the Internet speed is very low. Perhaps they will be able to explain the causes of the problem.

If your internet slows down during the day, the problem may be related to the computer itself. If your house is a local network of several computers, then check to see if the same problem on other machines. If only one computer problem connecting to the network, you will have to resolve any problems on your computer.

The first step to speed up the Internet to do some settings of your browser. To do this, go to settings history of web pages and cache, cookies, and history of visits. You should do this from time to time, about once a month. This should slightly improve the speed of the Internet.

If the network is fully available, then try to restart your router – switch it off for a minute and then back on. Also, sometimes it helps to restart the computer. In some cases, there may be problems in the network cable, check that it is really plugged in and is plugged into the power outlet. 
In case if anything at all does not help, it is best to refer to the technical experts in computer repair and tuning Windows.

Some Possible Reasons of Your Slow Computer points:

  • You have too many startup programs
  • Your hard drive is failing
  • May be Your hard drive is 90% full
  • Stop your browser many add-ons
  • Don't run too many programs at once
  • Please don't open many browser tabs 
  • Don't try to install the overzealous antivirus program
  • Maybe you have a virus on your computer.
  • A computer is used by someone for crypto mining be aware
  • Check maybe your computer doesn't have enough memory
  • It is possible that your computer is running low power mode
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